Team Dogface News Update

Over the last few months Team Dogface have enjoyed some fantastic training walks together in some fab weather. If you follow my twitter account you’ll have seen some stats and pics (@sahfenn).

Unfortunately, in the last week, it’s been confirmed that I won’t be doing the 40km Just Walk event with Team Dogface’s other members in May.

We picked up a new family member Easter weekend. An 8 week old puppy! Originally we believed that we could pick him up after Just Walk but sadly the way things turned out that wasn’t possible.

Puppies going into a new home obviously need to spend quality time with their new family to bond. Leaving Mum and litter mates is a big experience and needs to be handled gently. They need a comforting yet firm hand, a steady routine with the same faces. They’ve got no bladder control so need to be taken out for wee breaks frequently. Until he’s had his second set of vaccinations at 10 weeks he can’t go out in public and if we stop watching him for one minute he chews on the furniture, the carpet, my feet…

Puppyface can be left alone for short periods but, as the walk requires a sleep-over near Goodwood Friday and Saturday nights, one of us needs to stay at home to care for him.

I’m disappointed, especially after training for this. It’s a mental challenge to drop out without feeling like a drop-out. I’ll be there in spirit of course. I’m still part of Team Dogface (I have the t-shirt after all) and will be providing lots of e-moral support over the weekend to Nev, Janine, and Paul from afar. I hope they have an absolutely fantastic walk. I’m exceptionally proud of our team.

“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.”

Additionally I’m forming a plan to walk the route later in the year with our two dogs once pup’s old enough. They won’t be able to do it all in one go as Dogface has a weak kneecap and Puppyface will be too young for a long trek but it would be meaningful to me to walk in Nev, Jay, and Paul’s footprints across the South Downs with two furry members of Team Dogface even if that means splitting it over a few days.

A good start in life helps a puppy grow up to be a happy and lovable dog. Sadly not every 4-legged friend gets a good puppyhood and this is why we’re raising funds for the Dogs Trust. If you haven’t already, please consider helping us reach our target…

Stay tuned for reports and pics from this year’s Team Dogface Just Walk 40km event as I’ll be posting them here and via Twitter as usual and please join me in wishing Nev (@nevillefenn), Janine (@theramblingduck), and Paul (@loop_pool) happy walkies.

Go Team Dogface!


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