Does My Geek Look Back On This

Back in 2006, my husband Nev and I created and hosted a podcast called Does My Geek Look Big In This?* A radio show all about beer, gaming, and movies available to download as a series of free mp3 files from the internet.

In those days Does My Geek had it’s own website (, was hosted on a number of podcast directories, advertised by a host of talented podcasters on their shows, and was regularly downloaded by a fair number of listeners.

Fans of Does My Geek not only downloaded and listened to our shows but also contributed letters, art, music, and even mp3 shows of their own to what became a thriving community. We had beer from Bea, Shel, and Jem & Sel, audio from Anim5 and Dave, music from Dustin and Kev, art from Sam, Sersie, and Gundragon, reviews from Raphael, a heap of geek-celeb audio intros from Fistful of Comics and Games crew (including Michael Dorn!). Letters and voicemails from Nerdcordsteve, Mick, Myles, Timewind, Alan, Ethan, Jim in Buffalo, Andy from Reading, and others. Raphael and Chris even recorded an entire episode of Does My Geek as a tribute**.

We loved being part of the Gaming Broadcast Network and had contributions from and contributed to Fistful of Comics & Games, Misfit Brew (from the House of the Harping Monkey), International Detective Dragons from Outer Space, and Dragon’s Landing. We took part in collaborative fun projects like ‘Shaken not Stirred’ where the GBN shows mixed up hosts (we hosted an episode of Misfit Brew and our show was taken over by FFOC).

By 2007 however we’d run out of steam. Putting out a podcast is a huge amount of work, not least the editing of audio files and ID tags. Ask any podcaster and they’ll assure you that it takes about four times as long to get a podcast published than it does to record it. Does My Geek spluttered rather unceremoniously to a halt, hovered on the edge of people’s awareness for a while, and then fell off the edge of the interwebs.

I’m happy to say that many of Does My Geek’s listeners remain good friends to this day. We learnt a lot about the technicalities of audio work, website creation, and podcasting. We socialised on an international scale and haven’t stopped since, regularly chatting to over-seas friends on social networks and Skype. We also drank a lot of beer.

Recently a DMG listener called Kade contacted me via my blog and asked if the shows were still available to download. The website is long gone but I started uploading the files to Paul of Cthulhu had suggested I do this years ago but I’d never got around to actually doing it. I’ve finally finished the job and they’re all available to listen to or download along with the show notes, show matrix, and a flyer


We’re still unearthing content and uploading it to so more content will appear there over time but the main 26 shows we produced are up.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. See you in the beer tent!

*The show was nicknamed dimgulbit by one of our listeners which goes a little way to explaining why this blog is called Lyrical Dimgulbit.

** Painfully I haven’t been able to find a copy of this on any of our computers. If anyone reading this has it please contact me, I will pay you in beer for a copy! – Update: Found it! It’s now up on with the other shows.


5 thoughts on “Does My Geek Look Back On This

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  2. Thank you Sarah! I was able to download the show and listen while I hiked the Appalachian Trail. That sure brought back a lot of great memories, and made the miles pass easier. Has this inspired you two, to dust off the mics once again? DMGLBTx2!

    • Yay! *cue cheering of small children in the beer tent*
      How was the walk? Sounds awesome. It’s a trail I’ve read and heard about a lot and I’d love to walk a bit of it someday.

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