Cabbage Rules

I’m once again trying to get my head around the game of cribbage (aka crib aka cabbage). I’ve got a lovely travel cribbage board and have played a bit in the past. The problem is that, if I don’t play for a while, I completely forget the scoring and cribbage is all about the scoring.

After having perused the webs, checked out the tiny book that came with my set, referenced “Waddingtons Family Card Games”, and examined the tutorial in “Cribbage Lite” for the iPhone here’s what I’ve noted down on points scoring.

Please feel free to question, amend, add, or comment below.


.:: 5-Card Cabbage ::.

61 up
Ace = 1
Court cards = 10

Non-dealer scores “three for last” (to adjust for dealer’s advantage). First deal only = 3

If “turn-up” (aka “start” card) is a Jack dealer scores “two for his heels” = 2


Pairs = 2

Pair Royals (3 of a kind) = 6

Double Pair Royals (4 of a kind) = 12

Runs (3, 4, 5, etc. don’t have to be in order) = Number of cards in the run.


During Play Only:

During play Pairs and Runs need to be played consecutively. (This doesn’t apply when scoring hands or the crib).

Achieve a 15 point tally = 2

*Achieve a 31 point tally = 2

*”Go” or “One for Last” (when a player plays a last card making the total so near 31 that the other
player cannot play a card within 31) = 1

* Only one of these can be applied at any given time.


During Show Only:

Sum of any combination of cards that total 15 = 2

Flush (all cards same suit) = 3.

Flush including turn-up too = 4.

Crib exception – For a flush all 5 cards including turn-up must be of the same suit = 5

Jack in the hand of the same suit as the turn-up “one for his nob” = 1.

Quiet at the back.

Big thanks to for a very useful webpage about 5-card cribbage including the history of the game and the rules. (Would make that a link but WordPress is being decidedly rubbish today and it won’t let me. Bugs everywhere!)


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