Games: Cut The Rope Lite & Trainyard Express

Once again I thought I’d pick up a couple of new games for my iPhone rather than spend a great amount of cash on an Xbox or Wii game. This time around I went for free versions of two popular games so I didn’t spend a single squid.

(All games played on iPhone 4, your milage may vary on other models/platforms.)

Cut the Rope Lite

As of today, £0 in the iTunes app store. Full version available for 59p.

Published by Chillingo.

Available on iPhone.

  • Innovative Gameplay: Combines realistic physics with simple controls by collecting the stars and avoiding the enemies and obstacles.
  • Gorgeous Visuals: Colorful cartoon-style characterization lends plenty of charm to Om Nom, whose facial expressions and mannerisms never get boring.

A simple game that is made infinitely cute and fun by the storyline, music, sounds, and graphics. The goal is to feed candy to to a little green creature that’s been delivered to your door by cutting ropes, popping bubbles, and pressing air squeegies. Definitely worth getting for free and almost certainly for 59p too. I wasted a large amount of last night working through the fabric box level.

Trainyard Express

As of today, £0 in the iTunes app store. Full version available for 59p.

Published by Matt Rix.

Available on iPhone, iPad.

Another simple game but this one’s a real brain teaser. You have boxes that release trains and boxes that receive trains and you need to create train tracks inbetween so that the right coloured trains end up at the correct stations.

  • Innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic
  • Smooth difficulty curve
  • 100 main puzzles and 50 hard bonus puzzles
  • Retina support and high-res graphics on iPad
  • Hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle
  • Easily share your unique solutions on
  • Engineered for low battery usage
  • Color-blind mode
  • A year in the making
  • Independently developed(support indie games!)

A simple puzzle game expertly executed. Clear graphics and engaging gameplay. This game delivers a real sense of satisfaction when you complete a level and the bonus is you can share your solutions via twitter. Again worth buying for free and I expect I’ll upgrade to the full version when I complete the levels I have in the ‘lite’ one.



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