Follow up to “A big pain in the back”

Never have I ever had so made replies to a blog post! Thanks to everyone who suggested remedies and sympathised. Seems like everyone has had their (un)fair share of back pain. I personally think the problem started when humans stood up.

I went back to the doctors last week and saw a different doctor. She has a very different approach and has referred me for physiotherapy. It’s a long wait on the NHS but I’m happy to wait as I know there’s something positive happening. In addition she recommended Tiger Balm (dementholised mint oil in a paraffin base) which I’ve used in the past for tension headaches. At first I was very sceptical of essentially putting vics on my back but this stuff is ace. Whether it’s the odd cold feeling that distracts the body from the pain or it actually stops the pain who knows, I’m not complaining so long as it helps. Works better than Deep Heat or the diclofenac gel I have. She also printed out some physiotherapy exercises for me. They’re the same ones that I found on the net myself but I appreciate her help especially in comparison to the negative response I had from my regular doctor last year!

Here are just a few of the replies and comments I received to share the advice around…

@nerdcoresteve “I hope yoga helps! I’ve just started this semester and I feel much healthier.”

@SuzShoes “I love yoga! I’ve got a new teacher now and I’m much happier in my class. She doesn’t push. Stick with it, you’ll feel great!”

@MatCurran “I recomend Wii fit, since I started Wii fitting again my back has been much better” “Oh and what worked best, sit up stretch your back and lift the height of your chair so that your hip is higher that your knee…”

@FunkJem “I use an orthopaedic mattress, hard back chairs and I’m thinking about Tai Chi.”

@travelling_steve “sorry about your back pain, my father swears by osteopaths. I try to run to strengthen mine to ward off any damage…”

@loop_pool “would say you should defo see a GP again, and if they try and fob you off with painkillers push for a referral…”

@Janine_B_Lewis “oh dear..tis not good :0(  accupuncture?”

Sersie “At least for me I know sort of what is messed up, and even went to physical therapy for a few months for it. It helped, especially the strengthening of the core muscles with exercises.”

Nikki “Insist on being referred to a specialist. Friend of mine had injections into her spine that used to work for a while. Don’t accept that everyone has back ache and nothing can be done!”

Joanna “Hi, having suffered from back pain myself I would strongly recommend that you take up gentle and regular exercises (such as yoga or Pilates) to strenghten the spine muscles and prevent further bouts of pain. Sadly the NHS doctors usually tend to address only the symptoms (hence the strong painkillers prescription you have been given), not the root cause of the problem. And as you experienced it yourself, the side effects of painkillers can be as crippling as the backpain itself. I wouldn’t also expect a chirporactor or physiotherapist to work miracles if you dont strenghten your spine muscles. (Been there, done that myself – lots of money wasted and obviosly these people wont tell you to go home and do some stretches as they couldnt earn their living if they did that).”

Also a big thank you to @carocat and @annie67 who both made me feel better too.


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