A big pain in the back

I’ve suffered with debilitating back pain for one year now, every day. Happy anniversary back pain! 😛 Time to stop pretending everything’s ok.

I don’t know how I damaged it and there are no visible symptoms. It’s an invisible problem that severely limits my physical ability. On the surface I look absolutely fine so inside I feel like a big fraud.

The pain moves around. Sometimes it’s a sharp pain in the middle of my spine. Sometimes a dull ache from my tail bone down into my legs. Some days it’s intense like a pulled muscle round my sides. Often it stops me standing or sitting up straight without additional support by the end of the day.

I’m currently a housewife. My job is to do our cleaning, cooking, gardening, food shopping, etc. and these are the things I can’t do! Pushing a trolley, hoover, or lawnmower is especially bad. Even spending a few hours cleaning means I’m in too much pain and hence too exhausted to cook dinner without going to pieces.

I went to see my doctor about it a year ago. He prescribed strong painkillers (that make me constipated, dizzy, and nauseous) and told me almost every adult has back pain, there’s no NHS treatment available, and there’s no cure.

I’ve looked into seeing a physio/chiropractor but the cost is prohibitive. Both are extremely expensive and there’s no guarantee either will help. Some physio exercises from the internet have helped a little but it’s only temporary relief.

We get the heavy shopping delivered nowadays. We’ve changed our car to one that’s less sporty and more comfy to drive. Nev hoovers and mows. I go to ‘yoga for backs’ on Weds nights. I rest as much as I can stand. We’ve thrown out the old knackered bed and sleep on the mattress straight on the floor. I’m an expert in gentle pain relief like wheat packs and ibuprofen gels.

These things help but it’s not enough. Sometimes it seems like it’s mending but the next moment it’s back to square one again.

I’m going to make an appointment to go back and see a different doctor at our local surgery. Nev’s been super through all of this but it’s negatively effecting his life as much as mine. I need to do something about it for his sake as much as mine.

At the moment I just can’t imagine what on earth can make it better? Perhaps it’s just a case of accepting it?

This is probably way TMI but I needed to say it out loud. Thanks for listening and may your back be healthy and pain free!


9 thoughts on “A big pain in the back

  1. I go through backpain once every month or so for the past two years. It normally lasts a day and is excruciating. So bad in fact that I can’t do anything like go to the doctors and there’s not much point the next day when I’m all better.

    I cannot imagine what it must be like to have backpain every day. I hope that a new doctor can do something for you.

    • Sorry to hear your’s is so bad when it hits. Yoga’s helped strengthen my body but isn’t helping with the specific damaged muscles from what I can tell. I do enjoy it though 🙂

      • At least I can console myself knowing it only lasts a day. I have tried predicting when it will happen based on situations it has happened in the past, but so far have been unsuccessful. If I did figure it out I could make arrangements to have someone take me to the doctors, but as it stands I can literally not even get up.

        Have you looked into alternative medicine, such as acupuncture or does that fall under the too expensive category?

      • That sounds scary. Jem’s the same I think with his back as he ends up literally bedbound sometimes. At least I can get about with mine. I’ve gone down the yoga, physio, and massage routes as my alternative therapies. Plus microwavable wheat packs in addition to mild painkillers. My Nanna suffered from a bad back most of her life and tried accupuncture and reflexology and swore by them. Have you tried accupuncture?

      • I haven’t, no. It didn’t do anything for my mum when she was ill and I remember she experienced great discomfort. Also, needles stuck in me isn’t appealing, even if that is a cliche!

  2. I have had my share of back pain as I got older, but it sounds like you have it pretty rough now. At least for me I know sort of what is messed up, and even went to physical therapy for a few months for it. It helped, especially the strengthening of the core muscles with exercises. I hope you find something that will help.

    • Thanks Sersie 🙂 How did you mess your back up? I have a theory I did it clearing out the shed but there really wasn’t a “omg I’ve hurt myself” moment.

  3. Hi, having suffered from back pain myself I would strongly recommend that you take up gentle and regular exercises (such as yoga or Pilates) to strenghten the spine muscles and prevent further bouts of pain. Sadly the NHS doctors usually tend to address only the symptoms (hence the strong painkillers prescription you have been given), not the root cause of the problem. And as you experienced it yourself, the side effects of painkillers can be as crippling as the backpain itself. I wouldn’t also expect a chirporactor or physiotherapist to work miracles if you dont strenghten your spine muscles. (Been there, done that myself – lots of money wasted and obviosly these people wont tell you to go home and do some stretches as they couldnt earn their living if they did that). I hope you’ll get better soon!

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