Knitting: Going Round In Circles

[Cross posted from my Ravelry page, which is only viewable by folk who have a Ravelry account.]

Pattern: Ribby Hat by Tiennie

Yarn: Sirdar Click DK with Wool

This was my first time circular knitting. I used a 4.5mm 60cm circular needle and also 3 4mm double pointed needles at the end, None of which I’d knitted with before.

This project was going well up until the point where I went wrong on a row and then noticed the hole I’d left earlier as well! So lots of mistakes along the way.

Circular knitting was great fun. I think this would have been much easier on a shorter needle though as this one was a bit long.

At the end I had a panic-attack when I realised I needed to use DPNs. I went up to the Wool Shop and bought a set. Much easier to use than I imagined and really fun as it takes a lot of care and a bit of attention.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the wool. The colour and the feel is lovely but there was a fault on one ball where the wool was very weakly spun together and could be pulled apart with barely any tension. Also there were a few knotted joins which my friend says is common but isn’t something I’ve seen before.

The end result is a hat… of sorts 🙂 It’s very very stretchy and a bit big and it has the faults mentioned above. But I like the feel and it keeps my ears warm. Going to try again with a couple of changes to the pattern (doing a row of K and then P and then K at the start to give a prettier edge & making it shorter by 10 rows) on a 4mm 40cm circular needle.


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