Games: Osmos and Plants vs. Zombies

Recently I thought I’d splash out on two new computer games. Rather than pay an arm and a leg for a Wii or Xbox game (that might be crap or, more likely, I might be crap at) I decided to spend a grand total of £4 on a couple of iPhone compatible games that are getting some great reviews at the moment.

(All games played on iPhone 4, your milage may vary on other models/platforms.)


As of today, £1.79 in the iTunes app store.

Published by Hemisphere Games.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Linux.

This is a little game with beautiful graphics and a chill-out soundtrack. You move a cell around to absorb other smaller cells until you’re the biggest cell in the pond.

Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack.

Your objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Relax… good things come to those who wait.

Osmos is a game that rewards patience rather than bravado and lightning reflexes. Some of the levels are difficult to begin with but not too hard, a little perseverance will win the day. The motes are beautiful to look at and the soundtrack really helps to fully immerse you in the experience, especially with headphones.

There is something very satisfying about absorbing other motes and getting bigger (resistance is futile!)

Very different to most games on the market, Osmos is a game I’d definitely recommend downloading.

Yeah yeah, I know I’m ridiculously late to this game but I’m there now and that’s what counts.

Plants vs. Zombies

As of today, £1.79 in the iTunes app store.

Published by Popcap Games.

Stop 26 types of zombies dead in their tracks with your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants! Battle through 50 Adventure levels, 20 Mini-Games, plus Puzzle and Survival modes. Or dig into the zombie-free Zen Garden. The fun never dies!

Available on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, and Web.

I’m not a big fan of tower defence games, which essentially this is, but 2 things make this really stand out as a fun game for me.

Firstly the sense of humour is great. There are lots of little touches that have me giggling away (in danger of someone calling the men in white coats to take me away). The sounds and art are happy in a Nintendo-like way, everything is cheerful despite your potential imminent demise. The zombies wear traffic cones for protection. The neighbour is craaazy. If you do get this game be sure to click on the ‘help’ link on the main menu page.

Plus it’s tricky but it’s rewarding and enjoyable. Sounds obvious but I find too many of these tower defence games are a slow boring waiting game followed by a speeded up onslaught that overruns everything in moments. Getting the timing and reward design correct is everything and this one has it right.

So both games are really enjoyable and I’m confident my £4 was well spent!

Anyway… I’ve got some motes to consume and some zombies to fling cherries at.

What you think of these games if you have them? Any cheap games you’d recommend?


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