While the rain falls…

With this cold and rainy weather what better to do that curl up on the sofa with a bag of wool and make some Autumney mittens? Check out the site Ravelry. Awesome website with some social networking and lots of great knitting and crocheting resources. I’m on there under the username sahfenn and you can find a link to the above mittens pattern in my projects. With big thanks to Carocat for pointing me in their direction.

Forage for blackberries and sloe berries! This year hasn’t been a good one for blackberries. Not enough sun in the last couple of weeks just as they were ripening. Should have enough for an apple and blackberry crumble this weekend though if you go hunting this week in-between rain showers. I’ve harvested some sloe berries for the first time this year. Froze them overnight to improve the flavour, then put a cut in each one before popping them in a bottle with some sugar and lots of gin. Sloe gin made now should be ready to drink in a few months but best left til next year apparently. It’s turning a beautiful colour already.

Pop some dharma talks from zencast on your ipod. I adore these talks. Whether I agree with the speaker or not, they wake my brain cells and bring a lot of perspective on life in general. I wonder also if listening to 3 hours of buddhist wisdom a day will just seep into my brain in a Homer Simpson style. (Can anyone remember that episode? Was is a dictionary, a bible, a language tape, or something else? Google has failed me.) Or alternatively will I be a cow counter…?

“One who recites many teachings but, being negligent, doesn’t act accordingly, like a cowherd counting others’ cows, does not attain the benefits of the contemplative life.” – Buddha.


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