Vango Orchy 500 Quick Review

Cross posted from Camping Ninja’s Flikr Stream.

Camping Ninja: we’re thinking of getting a vango orchy 500 – do you recommend it?

Sah Fenn: Yes very much! Much cheaper that other tents of the same size but not cheaply made at all. Bags of space for 2 or 3 people, not sure it would truly be comfy for 5 adults. Maybe 2 parents and 3 kids. It’s luxurious for the 2 of us with Dogface. Handy storage pockets around the entrance to the sleeping bit and more inside the sleeping area down the sides.

Skylights and 3 windows in the porch make it feel spacious and airy. Two entrances are good to get a through draft or change doorways if one entrance gets too muddy. The brightly coloured guy ropes are great as I don’t trip over them half as much as I do with our wild country tent! 🙂

Only downsides I can think of are that it’s a bit tricky to put up when brand new. The sleeves for the poles seem to be getting easier to use the more we use it. We did a little video on our helpful hints for putting it up earlier this year while we were at Hollands Wood that’s here…

It also supposedly comes with an ‘oversized’ carry bag but we’ve never managed to get the tent plus poles and pegs all back into the bag since we first took it out! Not really an issue though as it’s not the kind of tent you can carry anyway, definitely a car holiday tent due to the weight.

We’ve bought the carpet to go with it and the separate groundsheet. Both of which are great additions. The carpet is glamping really but worth it so we don’t put holes in the sewn-in groundsheet in the porch stomping about in boots (and paws).

Our’s has survived coastal high winds in a kite centre and heavy downpoars without failing. We always use all the guy ropes and pegs and haven’t had any issues at all.


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