F1 Thoughts ( #F1 )

The Ferrari Team Order.

I’ve heard a few people say that what they found most troubling about the Ferrari team order was the way it was delivered. They say it’s an insult to the commentators and fans if Ferrari think we can be so easily fooled. This is the opposite of what I think happened.

It seems to me that Smedley and Massa deliberately delivered the message and made the move in that way to make it obvious it was a team order. Perhaps the team are too focussed on Alonso, perhaps it was just that one team order which they felt was unjustified, but for whatever reason Rob and Felipe made it clear they were carrying out team orders because they WANTED the media to pick up on it.

This has been something we’ve seen Webber do rather a lot recently with his issues with Red Bull. Get the media and fans to back you up and fight your corner. Immediately after the race Rob backpeddled furiously to save his skin and Massa kept schtum. They don’t want to be fired but they DO want to be treated fairly. Recently Joe Saward said he believed that team decisions are being made by Alonso and giving a driver that much control is destructive. I think the whole team order fiasco may be a sign of that underlying problem.

However much I sympathise with Massa, I’m not convinced that this kind of manipulation of the press is the right way to behave. There are other ways to get your point across more openly and honestly. If your team aren’t listening and are treating you as second fiddle why are you still driving for them? Why sign new contracts? Is being with the team most likely to give you a world championship truly worth sacrificing your integrity and self-belief?

Perhaps it’s time for Massa to move away from Ferrari. I’m still astounded that Webber signed a new deal with Red Bull for next year.

Safety Cars Galore.

That’s twice this season that we’ve seen a safety car deployed to allow the marshalls to clear debris off the track when I’ve had doubts that the SC was truly needed. In both instances it livened up a race and made it more exciting.

I would never suggest that marshalls lives should be needlessly put at risk but if the SC is being sent out to liven up a race in my view it takes away some of the integrity of racing. This is Formula 1 not WWF.


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