Riverford Fruit & Veg Deliveries

Riverford are a UK organic food delivery company based in Hampshire who deliver to Southern parts of the UK.

I’ve just received my 1st delivery from them and a few folks on Twitter have been asking about it, @carocat asked for some pics too, so I thought I’d do a little blog post.

Ordering was easy peasy. Website’s very easy to use and clear. I ordered a Mini Vegbox, a Salad Bag, and a Fruit Bag hoping this will be a good quantity for the two of us for 2 weeks. In total it came to £20.35 with free delivery. There was a small surcharge (30p I think) for paying online with a credit card.

The Riverford branded delivery van turned up early afternoon with my order (deliveries are between 6am and 8pm). It turns out that ‘Riverford Home Delivery’ is a franchise so I imagine quality of service may vary depending on your local rep. Ruth turned up on the right day, was pleasant, and everything was in order so 10/10 so far.

My first surprise when it arrived was the size of the ‘mini’ box. It’s really not very mini!

Although I’ve packed away the food (quite a task to find places to put it all) I’ll try and remember what was in each container.

The veg box had new potatoes, sugar snap peas, broad beans, carrots, spinnach, tomatoes, and lettuce. Everything very fresh and in some cases so fresh still muddy.

The bags are large as well. The fruit bag contained 7 apples, 8 clementines, and a melon. The salad bag a lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, 2 small cucumbers, and 2 large peppers.

All in all I’m really pleased with the ordering process, delivery, and what’s arrived. Time will tell if I’ve ordered too much or to little.

If I could say one thing that I’m not so happy about it’s that you can’t specify products you don’t want. I can’t stand peppers, for example, but not a service killer by any means and I understand that this would add complexity and hence cost to the process.

Anyway, I’d better stop scribbling and make some dinner!


4 thoughts on “Riverford Fruit & Veg Deliveries

  1. Hello there fellow veggiebox customer! Just a suggestion that you might find helpful. We always look at what’s going to be in our box each week on the website, and change it if we don’t like that particular combination of veggies. Some weeks we just order our own choice of individual items instead, which is fine as long as you spend £12ish in total (which we never find a problem!) Just thought you might find that helpful – it’s taken us a while to realise we can do that! Oh and by the way, the milk and eggs are great too. And the carrots. Ooh and the nectarines at the moment. (and I’d better shut up now!) glad you liked your box! And btw no I don’t work for them, I just really like them.

  2. The good thing is, if there’s something you really don’t like, there’s usually another box roughly the same size you can choose. Luckily for me I like everything, even things I didn’t like before, as the produce is always so fresh and tasty.

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