Backpacker’s Club, 2nd Hand Sales, & Prancing Mears

To help with the prep for a big walk we’re going to do next year I’ve just sent off for family membership to the Backpackers club. Feels nice to do even a small bit towards getting out and about. Hope our membership comes through quickly.

So my first ebay experience was a total waste of time. Even though I marked the item ‘pick up only’ the winning bidder wants me to courier it to her (which I can’t do without repackaging it). I have no doubt that, despite her claims, she had no intention of collecting the item when she made her bids. We’re also having a tough time selling our car. Almost every day we get an email from MRS Mr. Angela who want to know where the car is so their PA can send us lots of money ASAP for quick sale. Seems to me that the second-hand sales market is just brimming with dishonesty in all forms and it’s hard work swimming through it wiithout getting bitten by the sharks.

On a brighter note, Ray Mears prancing through the woods:

Yoga is fab.

This is my first blog post written using the wordpress app on my phone. Impressed so far. Will be adding random picture to test adding picture function here…

Right, off to sleep now as have to get up early tomorrow. Hoping for rain to cool the air and water the garden while we sleep.


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