A Few Thoughts…

You know it’s likely to be a smelly dog day when you see your beloved canine doing the 4 paws in the air dance in the middle of a field. Luckily Dogface missed what he was trying to roll in this morning.

I’ve just downloaded Amanda Palmer’s new album, ‘Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele‘. Some good #ukuleletime. I do love Bandcamp too. The minimum payment, the ease of payment, the ease of downloading. Very groovy.

I would love the tee shirt that goes with this album cover but now we have to pay VAT and handling charges on everything coming in from outside of the EU I’ve been avoiding ordering anything from the States.

I’ve been trying to learn Electric Blanket on my ukulele but I think it’s too hot to be musical at the moment. My fingers keep sticking to the thin pages in my uke scribbling music book. Mandatory learning though since Jason Webley himself twittered me the chords.

We had some fresh corn on the cob today grilled under the gas grill with some of the leaves left on. Only partly shucking the corn apparently keeps it moist but still lets some of the grilled flavour develop. Takes about 10 minutes and it’s delicious! Thank you random internet cooking site.

We often cook our own meals from scatch and using fresh ingredients but we have a habit of forgetting the fruit and vegetable side of life. I went to the supermarket today and bought a bag of veggies and immediately regretted it when my back started to hurt carrying round two heavy shopping bags. In the interests of health (carrying and consuming) I’ve ordered a veggie box from Riverford. I’ve already set up regular milk, fish, and general household consumables deliveries so I’m hoping this will add nicely to the collection. Plus hopefully get us eating more veggies! Aside – Somebody really needs to invent a back friendly shopping trolley.

Okay, that’s enough thoughts. It’s getting too dark in here to see the keyboard and I’m too lazy to get up and put the light on.

Bye for now.

P.s. Malibu and R Whites lemonade tastes just like cream soda.


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