Archived – Food Review: Cumbrian Lamb Hotpot

Food Review: Cumbrian Lamb Hotpot

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 09:18AM

Product: Cumbrian Lamb Hotpot

Company: Look What We Found!

Weight: 320g inc packaging

Description: Reheatable meal.

Appearance: 0 stars! Omg looks like a dog’s dinner.

Taste: 2 stars. Had worse but needs to be hot. About the same taste quality as a tinned meal. Packaging gives impression this is something special talking about ‘velvet gravy’. Load of marketing nonsense.

Ease of Cooking: Very easy to reheat over a stove. Not so easy to wash up on the trail.

Overall: 2 stars. It’s a meal. Not a happy filling meal but it’s edible food and could be a lot worse.

via Lyrical Dimgulbit – All Articles – Food Review: Cumbrian Lamb Hotpot.


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