Archived – Bishops Green Farm (Part 3) – The Rain Commeth

Bishops Green Farm (Part 3) – The Rain Commeth

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 02:01PM

…So we’d arrived Saturday, um’d and ah’d about staying and decided to stick it out, had some paella and met the neighbours. Before bed I checked the weather report and it said some rain due Sunday evening, around dinner time, but aside from that all clear.

Woke up Sunday morning to absolutely torrential rain. By the time I was ready to leave the tent (after having put on all my waterproof gear in a tiny tent where it’s impossible to stand upright) it had stopped.

We decided to walk to Greenham Common which lies North of Bishops Green. In attempting this we forgot one very important fact…

Greenham Common used to be a military base. Hence it’s surrounded by a huge fence and has very few entry points. The main entrance is on the North side of the common by an old control tower. (Virtual tour.)

We spent a while exploring Greenham Common industrial estate and the A roads around the area before deciding to call it a day and head back to the campsite. We got there and I made the W sign (ref. Shaun of the Dead) and we headed off to Woolhampton and the Rowbarge for 2 gourmet burgers and a pint of Good Old Boy from West Berks Brewery. (On a second visit, menu still overpriced but the burgers are very very good.)

In keeping with the weekend’s weather-of-extremes it was blisteringly hot when we got back to camp. So hot in fact that I got an intense headache trying to rig up some kind of shelter and shade with a tarp and some string (nothing to do with the beer obviously). One downside to the Wild Country tent is it always seems that the entrances are facing the sun no matter how we pitch it.

We lay around for a bit under the tarp which Nev had managed to work into some semblance of a shelter. The tick tweezers were put to good use on poor Dogface who’d picked up a beastie in an unfortunately area. Again Nev saved the day.

Afternoon came and went and then we cooked a bit of grub for dinner (frankfurters, chestnuts, salad, and bread). Then we followed the Canadian F1 grand prix via the text commentary on the official iPhone live-timing app and by listening to the telly in Jackie and Ray’s campervan next door (go McLaren!)

Then evening came and with it more torrential downpoars. We holed up in the tent but it’s a little cramped for comfortable relaxing. In the end I lay in the sleeping ‘tent’ part and Nev sat cross legged in the porch. Discovered a leak around the side entrance that needs fixing, so we had a steady drip into the porch area and onto Nev. In the end we decided to get some kip.

Woke up in the morning to even more rain.

We’d been due to camp for 3 nights but when we’d paid on Saturday the owner had mistakenly charged us for 2 nights rather than 3. We decided this was fate and headed home Monday morning.

From these 3 posts you might think we had a terrible time! In fact we had lots of laughs, some great food, and completed a good test of some kit prior to our next expedition. We won’t rush back to Bishops Green Farm in a hurry, but would certainly recommend it to caravan and camper van owners. If visiting Greenham Common approach by car from the NORTH side. If in need of sustenance the gourmet burger at The Rowbarge is fulfilling. The tent we will be taking on our next trip is the Vango (so we don’t have to fix the leak in the Wild Country in a hurry, it provides better shade in the sun, & more room to chill when it rains) and the stove we will be taking is the Primus!

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