Archived – Bishops Green Farm (part 2) – The Kit

Bishops Green Farm (part 2) – The Kit

Monday, June 14, 2010 at 09:12PM

This trip we took the 2 person lightweight Wild Country Tourer tent rather than our huge Vango Orchy. In comparison: the WC tent is NOT a holidaying tent. It’s pretty tiny. Good for backpacking but no good if you have a lot of stuff like we did on this trip. I was cooking proper meals so we had a large kitchen bag (kettle, billy cans, spare gas etc.) & 2 bags of food (1 cold bag + 1). Going back and forth to the car got tired quickly. So Vango = big holiday. Wild Country = backpacking trip. For us anyway.

We took 2 stoves. Our regular large camping stove and a Primus ETA Express lightweight super-efficient beastie. The Primus is AWESOME. Made every hot drink using it. Love it to tiny lightweight pieces. Boils a mug of water in 56 secs.

Made a yummy seafood paella with a jar of baby clams, tuna, fresh herbs from home garden, rice etc. All non-fridge ingredients. Shared it with a bottle of Adnams Broadside & a Black Sheep ale.

Got to know our neighbours in the campervan next door. Jackie & Ray. Lots of nice stories from their second home in Malaysia. Great folks.

Had a fun game of Bananagrams. May do seperate review at a later date.




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