Archived – Planning a Bank Holiday Weekend Walk

Planning a Bank Holiday Monday Walk

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 05:41PM

Written Sunday 30th May.

Camping or driving long distances on a UK national holiday or when the kids are off school for half-term break is a clinical definition of insanity. However, a day out walking seems to us a good way to spend a free bank holiday Monday.

Getting out our local walking books we’ve had a read and a think and sorted out a plan for tomorrow. The books consulted were…

Pub Walks Along the Ridgeway” by Charles Whynne-Hammond. Published 1997. ISBN 1-85306-452-1.


Walks in The Kennet Valley and Beyond” by The West Berks Ramblers. Published 2010. ISBN 978-1-906494-17-9.

Walk criteria :

No urban/town/road walking if it can be helped.

Easy going.

Pleasant rather than adventurous.

Dog friendly.

Not too far to drive to in Bank Holiday Monday traffic.

Circular walk.

Not too far as I’m not feeling 100% this weekend & need to be able to cut short.

The Ridgeway walking book was inspiring but we’ve decided against one of those walks. Not wanting to go too far from home means we’re limited to places we’re very familiar with. “The Bell” and Aldworth are (justifiably considering how fab the pub is) busy at weekends and the Goring walk is a bit too urban.

The Kennet Valley has provided more inspiration. We liked the look of the Woolhampton walk on page 36. Picking up the orange ordnance survey map “Newbury & Hungerford” 158 to double check the route we’ve noticed a nature reserve around Bucklebury Common above Woolhampton and east of Upper Bucklebury.

Lots of footpaths cover what the internet says is heathland. Good bird watching so I’ll pack the binoculars.

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