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Packing Bags

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 07:23PM

Written Sunday 30th evening:

Matching backpacks except for colour and capacity. Nev loved the Osprey Talon (who can blame him, it’s an award winner) but refused to buy the exact same one as me. I’ve got a blue 22 litre so he went for an orange 33 litre. Makes sense as he carries the camera. The added bonus being he can carry any extra stuff I can’t fit into my bag!

Tomorrow’s walk is a test so, even though we’re not going far, we’ve packed more than we need. This will test backpack comfort and weight for longer trips. I’ve packed my usual gear plus my two new trekking poles. Compared to previous trips I’ll be carrying less as I don’t need to carry the water for all 3 of us anymore.

Nev’s packed his new Osprey for the first time and spent a while adjusting it to fit. Much time spent deciding what should go in which pocket and thinking about weight distribution.

Weather forecast is for cloud and sun, around 14-17C. Not convinced it won’t rain though. It IS a bank holiday Monday.

The kit:

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Overtrousers

Sun Hats

Scarves (buffs)




Map and case


GPS (and spare batteries)

Water Bottle/ Bladder

Trekking Poles

Food (trail mix, snack bars, oat biscuits)





First Aid Kit




Mobile Phones


Pocket Kite!

Pocket Puddle (portable dog water bowl)

Doggie Poo Bags

Dogface’s Treat Bag

Squeaky Tennis Ball

Dog Whistle

Extendable Lead

To keep this stuff dry it’s packed into various sized Exped folding dry bags inside the backpacks. (Most of what I own is packed into Exped folding dry bags. Most useful things ever.)

The headtorches are a total indulgence and the chances of them being needed are practically zero but they’re stored in the backpacks so they were in there anyway and you never know when someone will hook up an improbability drive to a really nice hot cup of tea.

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